Well managed documents are the backbone of any Successful organization.
Dealing with documents and information can be one of the most challenging task in any organization which could highly affect its success.
DCCPoint is a SharePoint Based DMS System with all Functionalities to be recognized as an Enterprise Collaboration platform to Enable Small, Mid-Size and Large Organizations to Archive, Manage Legacy Documents as well as Projects Information faster and more effectively.
DCCPoint Works on SharePoint Server as well as the free SharePoint Service and All Functions and Features are deployed as Site Features and customizable to work for sub sites and/or on top Sites.
SoftCut As a Bentley Systems Technology partner offers Connectors to External DMS Systems Such as Bentley ProjectWise.


  • Provides features at each stage of a document's life cycle.
  • Documents reviewing and auditing are so much easier with historical records in DCCPoint.
  • Legacy Projects Conversion using Data Migration tools from flat folders with attributes on Excel file.

  • Key Features

    • Document Code.
    • Audit Trail.
    • Advanced and Saved Searches.
    • Import/Export.
    • Reporting.
    • Document Organizer (Copy/Move).
    • PDF Stamp.
    • Transmittal Module.
    • Basic Check in/Check-out.
    • Documents and Attributes Versioning.
    • Office Integration.
    • Alerts / Email Integration.
    • Security and Permission Management.
    • Workflow Management.
    • Spatial Enablement.
    • Redlining.