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A dashboard and administration software application to control Remote Screens Display Contents.
It can be used for Displaying Safety Materials Such as PowerPoint Presentations, Videos, Photos, Flash SWF Files, & Moving text lines.
It also can be used as an advertising Tool for Hotels, Schools, Country Clubs, and Hospitals …etc and guarantees an attractive and well noticed way in delivering any announcement.

Why SafetyVision?

  • Multiple Formats to Display such as Videos, PowerPoint Presentations, Messages, Photos and Flash (SWF).
  • Centralized multi-displays administration from one Computer on the network with a User Friendly interface.
  • Each display could show its own contents.
  • Long life for your displays with the cutout images control which works as screen savers to ensure the best use of the displays.
  • Configurable Moving text lines with deferent settings (Colors, Size, Fonts …etc).
  • Text Lines could be statics text or Dynamic Parameters Such as Date & Time, Safe Hours Calculation (hours since last accident), Production Calculations ...etc. through SafetyVision Formulas Designer.
  • Current Mode Selector to Switch between Deferent display themes.

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